Friends of the Cemetery

Honoring Our Veterans

Veteran Memorial Cemetery Story

It all started with two Veterans and a fallen hero.

Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Day Street in Titusville, Florida was founded by 1st Sergeant Arthur Rice and Colonel John Howard when they discovered a veteran buried in the cemetery next to the current veteran’s cemetery. Soon, they convinced Brevard County to donate the land for a veteran’s cemetery. The first veteran buried at the cemetery was Walther Smith, a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard from 1917 to 1939. He was buried on November 10, 1978, the day before the cemetery was dedicated.

Who Are the Friends of the Cemetery?

From Four Men an Idea To…

While the cemetery has been here since 1978, it was largely neglected and ignored until a group of veterans visited it and came to the conclusion:

 “Something had to be done!”

Friends of the cemetery has grown to more than 250 volunteers, and partnerships with more then a dozen organizations to help beautify, maintain, and most importantly honor our veterans in their final resting place.

Sam DiBlasio
Founder – President

United States Navy and Leader of a small bible group called Alpha Friends at Indian River City United Methodist Church.
Albert Therriault

United States Air Force, and LtCol.  Civil Air Patrol Commander of the Tico Composite Squadron.
Tom Stewart

Member of Alpha Friends who were already placing American flags at all the grave stones each Memorial Day & Veterans Day.
Robert Patry

United Sates Army, Commander of VFW post #4228

FOTC Projects


Prior to any work being done on the cemetery. This is why something had to be done.


This is what the Veterans Cemtery Looks Like Today.

Dylan's Eagle Project

Troop 488
Eagle Project
Pavered Walkway

Wyatt's Eagle Project

Troop 348
Eagle Project
Cremated Remains Beautification

Riley's Eagle Project

Troop 488
Eagle Project
Cemetery Map

Sod Party

FOTC Volunteers Laid an acres worth of sod to improve the grounds.
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